I first met Mayra at a Health and Wellness Fair in the North San Francisco Bay Area. She gave me the most amazing Tarot Card reading. The absolute best I’ve ever had.
— Valerie - enlightenyourlives.com, California

My Oracle reading not only provided me guidance, but revealed what I really needed to hear in order to get my life back on track.

I’m an open-minded skeptic, and I had some hesitation going into my first Reiki session with Mayra. I was quite surprised however when I began to experience physical responses and sensations during my session. It was completely unexpected for me. Afterward when talking with Mayra, she was able to describe the same sensations she was picking up from me before I had a chance to articulate them to her. It was surreal to say the least. While I may be a skeptic still with other things, I’m not when it comes to Reiki. Mayra is remarkable.
— Mark, Oakland Ca

I had my first Oracle reading and it did not disappoint. I had all my questions answered and everything has come true so far.
— Neil, California